A 100% padel center in Angers!

Come and discover the padel in Angers in a center entirely dedicated to this new in sport in full expansion!14859777_1101463019890470_1173560632846782000_o

Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed player, Christelle and Olivier MEUNIER, welcomes you 7 days a week in a friendly atmosphere.

The production of the 4 padel and badminton courts is signed by EPS CONCEPT! A 100% French production!

Here are the coordinates :


52 Bd of the Romanerie
In Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou
Tel: 02 41 19 72 27
Website: www.angerspadel.fr

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SOCCER PARK LA ROCHELLE has opened its doors!

New in La Rochelle where the SOCCER PARK LE FIVE  Group has chosen to install its last center!

In the form of a franchise, the center brings together 5 indoor and outdoor soccer, padel and squash in a brand new building!

Come and discover it at the following address:


Avenue Paul Langevin- 17180 PERIGNY – France


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Come and discover the CLASSICO FUTSAL in Hericourt France !

Located in Héricourt in the Doubs region, the CLASSICO FUTSAL offers you 2 football pitches 5 with synthetic turf without filling and 1 multi-activity field with its rubber coating ideal for the practice of futsal, basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis ballon.15036227_1693120554335040_936262664466863083_n

The multi-sport field is equipped with goals with removable bottoms allowing to divide the ground into 2 fields of 3 against 3!

Basketball goals have been set up over football goals as well as multi-sport poles for the practice of volleyball, badminton and tennis ball.

Here are the coordinates :


10, rue en Salamon


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