Conception / Build

Designing padel structures

In order to encourage the development of Padel in France and in other countries,EPS Padel has designed and modelled the infrastructures needed to play the new sport in accordance with the requirements of the International Padel Federation.

Indoor / outdoor courts
– Court dimensions: 20.00 m x 10.00 m
– Height: 4.00 m across widths and returns
– 3.00m across lenghts
– Polyzinc, thermo-coated metal skeleton (anti-corrosion treatment guaranteed for 10 years)
– Rigid trellis grille welded along lengths
– Security-glass panel across widths
– Latest-generation artificial playing surface or PVC covering


Project, design and monitoringEcran BE EPS

From planning to implementation, from a standard installation to something more personalised, our technical / commercial team and our design office support you throughout:

  • listening, analysing, providing consultancy services, and providing personalised monitoring of your project
  • on-site visit in France or abroad
  • help in putting together your list of specifications
  • modelling your project
  • exchanges with project managers
  • technical support for your project until completion of work.

ManufacturingMichel + tracteur

All our facilities are manufactured at our factory in La Guerche de Bretagne (Ille et Vilaine département):

  • ffabrique-en-franceull mastery of all manufacturing operations: output, assembly, protection, and pre-assembly
  • quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process
  • traceability of all materials
  • eco-friendly manufacturing that complies with the list of specifications of the International Padel Federation, the Fédération Française de Tennis, and current European standards


DeliveryArnaud chargement

An effective logistics department deals with routing the components of your padel court to the installation site.

  • Loading from our workshop with the help of the handling machinery
  • Transport by lorry
  • Unloading by our teams of installers



EPS PADEL carries out the complete installation of your facilities for turnkey courts.

  • Travel throughout France and around the world
  • Complying with specified deadlines
  • Use of handling machinery that is appropriate for handling glass panels
  • Assembly and fixing on the concrete ring in line with the calculation notes drawn up by our design office, particularly for installations in very windy areas (in accordance with Eurocode building standards)
  • Installing the synthetic playing surface and sand-filling with a mechanical device to ensure perfect consistency


After-sales service and maintaining your padel court
logo garantie décennale

Our facilities are guaranteed. In addition, we provide after-sales service and maintenance to offer high-quality courts and having your activity continue uninterrupted


Acknowledged technical skills recognized

EPS  holds QUALISPORT status in recognition of acknowledged technical skills, reliability, and thoroughness

EPS holds PQT by French Tennis Federation in recognition of acknowledged technical skills, reliability, and thoroughness.