Appearing in the 1970s and coming from Spain, the Padel is a racquet sport mixing tennis, squash and Basque ball.
Nearly 4 million regular players in Spain on nearly 25,000 courts. The Padel is a real phenomenon there!

Specificities of the Padel :

  • A shorter and lighter racket.
  • A smaller court than the tennis court (20mx10m) surrounded by glass walls allowing rebounds at the back of the court.
  • A synthetic grass surface or PVC coating.
  • A very high playing pace.
  • A sport that is usually played in doubles.

The Padel Court also allows the practice of mini tennis, tennis ball and badminton.

It is now under the aegis of the French Tennis Federation.

Design / Manufacturing

In order to promote the development of Padel in France but also in other countries, EPS has designed and modelled the infrastructures necessary for the practice of this new sport in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of Padel and the French Tennis Federation.

Indoor and outdoor padel courts :

  • Indoor/ outdoor pitches.
  • Dimensions of the court: 20,00 x 10,00 m or 200 m².
  • Height: 4.00 m on widths and returns and 3.00 m on lengths.
  • A metallic frame lacquered in RAL 7016 (textured matte grey) with anti-corrosion warranty 15 years.
  • A rigid mesh mesh mesh welded 50 mm mesh.
  • Safety glass panels on widths (thickness from 10 to 12 mm).

Project study and monitoring

From the project to the realization, from the standard to the customization, our technical sales team and our design office accompany you:

  • Listening, analysis, advice and personalised follow-up of your project
  • Site visit in France or abroad
  • Help with the implementation of your specifications
  • Modeling your project
  • Exchanges with the project managers
  • Technical support of your file until the completion of the work.

The manufacturing

All our equipment is manufactured in our factory in Guerche de Bretagne (35) which allows us :

  • A perfect mastery of all manufacturing operations : flow, assembly, protection and pre-assembly.
  • Quality control at each of the manufacturing stages.
  • Traceability of all materials.
  • Manufacture in the respect of the environment, the specifications of the International Federation of Padel, the French Tennis Federation and the European standards in force.

The delivery

An efficient logistics department is in charge of transporting the elements of your padel field to the installation site.

  • Loading from our workshop using material handling equipment.
  • Transport by truck.
  • Unloading by our team of installers.
  • The installation.

EPS PADEL ensures the complete installation of your facilities for turnkey terrains.

  • Travel throughout France and the world.
  • Respect of time limits.
  • Preparation of calculation notes in compliance with the “Eurocode” standards in force.
  • Use of handling equipment specific to the handling of glass panels.
  • Installation of synthetic coating, needled carpet, PVC or any other type of coating.

Our equipment is guaranteed and we provide after-sales service. We can also offer a maintenance contract for the sustainability of your land.

Recognized technical skills :

EPS is certified Qualisports attesting to recognized technical skills, reliability and seriousness.


EPS is also PQT certified by the French Tennis Federation.

Our organisation and manufacturing techniques comply with the specifications of the French Tennis Federation.