Small Tennis Court

EPS CONCEPT is implementing a TouchTennis® tournament.
Inside a classic tennis room (2 courts),
7 Mini Tennis courts are set up for the event.
This video presents the Time Lapse of the implementation.

EPS CONCEPT built the infrastructure needed to host a national TouchTennis® tournament.

EPS CONCEPT offers you to adapt the size
of your tennis courts

From 8.00 m to 23.77 m in length
And from 5.00 m to 8.23 m wide
Thus allowing to comply with the grounds called “GALAXY” for children’s learning, of the program of the FFT.

It also allows the practice of new brand “concepts” for everyone:

touchtennis® in the United Kingdom
Pow Wom® in Germany
Similar concept but without generic name to date, and which is commonly called in France «Mini-tennis» or «SOFTENNIS».

EPS Concept currently offers terrain for GALAXY Red, touchtennis®, Pow Wow® and SOFTENNIS.

They are removable and quickly install and uninstall. They can also be permanent.

See table below: